• Overcoming Poverty is not an act of charity


  • The Superheroes of Kenya

    The amazing 30 minute documentary showcasing our partners and trips is now live! Its an incvredible insight into our work, our partners and our trips and was made by the Founder of Revolution Hive, who was one of the key Squad members of our December 2015 Expedition.


    A start up (social enterprise) with a vision for positive social impact amongst vulnerable groups.

    Empowement.       Inspiration.      Collaboration

    Our Vision: A world where vulnerable people no longer suffer the injustice of poverty


    Our Mission: To empower the world’s vulnerable and equip people with tools to help shape a better future


    Our Aims:

    • Support and empower grassroot communities reach self-sufficiency and develop sustainable project
    • Enable children, youth and women to uplift themselves from poverty
    • Facilitate effective collaboration between global stakeholders to create positive and useful impact
    • Inspire a generation to believe in their greatness and use their superpowers for good
  • The Superheroes of Kenya

    If there is any way to learn about what we do and why we do it, this is it! An amazing documentary has been put together by Revolution Hive, to showcase the Real Heroes out there...our partners.

    Not only does it showcase the stories of the Heroes, it gives you a real glimpse into what our Expeditions look like. 


    See how our founder spent the 2014 summer piloting ideas and fully immersing herself in Kenya. Since then some beautiful partnerships have grown. This was the step towards our projects today.


    Our programs are fully aligned with our vision, mission and aims. We work in partnership and collaborate with global stakeholders and local heroes in order to create real, sustainable and positive impact!

    ActionHero Expeditions

    Changing the World starts with Life Changing Experiences

    Kenya, East Africa


    Providing exciting, innovative and empowering overseas expeditions for global agents of change and Kenyan heroes...A platform for effective collaboration! More than ethical placements overseas, these are specialised trips tailored to community identified needs in Kenya, that facilitate effective partnership working with agents of change, global stakeholders.


    You can either apply to join our December 2016 Team Expedition or get in touch about a bespoke trip arranged for you as an individual or a team.

    ActionHero Groups

    Investing in young people to change their lives and the world around them

    United Kingdom (for now)


    Inspiring and empowering young action heroes in education to partner with a grassroots project in Africa and work together to provide innovative solutions to issues surrounding poverty.Through empowering young students, connecting believers and building innovative solution focused projects in the UK, Europe and Africa. 


    If you're a student at College or University, as well as a believer in social action and change, get in touch today!

    Enterprising Communities

    Empowering the world's vulnerable to develop themselves and their futures 

    England, United Kingdom and Kenya, East Africa


    Empowerment. Employability. Enterprise. 


    Our three themes to support, train and equip the world's vulnerable with the knowledge and tools they need to find or create employment, develop themselves and their futures. From train the trainers programs in Kenya to linking our ActionHeroes from the UK with young ActionHeroes on the streets and villages of Kenya, truly a transformative programme for everyone!

  • 2016 ActionHero Expedition

    Do you have a passion or desire to make a difference?

    Does travel and adventure excite you?

    Does real impact and collaboration sound appealing?

    What are you doing this Easter?



    Our amazing local partners

    Our projects are all locally based and locally founded, off the beaten track in marginalised communities. They receive no support from overseas and are all focused on how to be more self sufficient and sustainable. You will be living and working with one of these 3 epic projects.

    1) Brothers & Sisters: A rural orphanage supporting local orphans from 1 years- 18.


    2) Mama's Village: A community project empowering marginalised women, children and youth.


    3) Beads of Hope: A slum based self help project set up by former street children.


    Super Squad 2.0

    Our Agents of Change are now honourary Superheroes as they embarked on the adventure of a lifetime! Their stories, their impact all to be shared soon. 


    Now we're on a mission to find the next batch of Heroes. Whatever your background, profession, passions, we have a place for you. 

    Two pronged approach

    Our expeditions are tailored to empower and develop YOU and THE LOCAL COMMUNITY. We believe both are equally important as part of our mission.


    Through a range of pre trip and in country training, personal development plans and our unique curriculm, YOU are just as important as the local heroes on the ground.


    We are based in the UK and roll out our projects across Europe and East Africa. Our current partners are based in Nakuru, Migori, Kisii and Nairobi within Kenya.

  • 2016 ActionHero Expedition

    Join us in 2016 for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Fill in your initial interest today.


    Each of our amazing partners had stories to tell, read our founder's perspectives on their time together!


    Want to find out more about going to Kenya as an Agent of Change? Love our Enterprising Communities project? Any question, query, request, send it across to recieve more information.



    Connect with us, get in touch, let's talk!









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  • A Heroic Section

    There are many great ways to get involved and become a Hero for Change yourself. Either from the comfort of your own home (online roles), from the UK (Volunteer positions/ Collections) or going out to Kenya...we are excited to grow our team and projects.


    For more information submit your name and email below and we will be in touch with more info.

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